Sundress Transition 

It’s the middle of August, so fall weather is (hopefully) right around the corner.  To say the weather is “cooler” would be a stretch, but at least the record highs seem to have passed.  With the seasons on the cusp of change, now is a great time to start transitioning your look. 

There are so many ways to ease into fall, but this post focuses on how to transition your sundress with simply a sweater.  

As you can see in the photos above, I went with a sweater that would still feature the neckline of the dress. I tried belting it at first, but with the length and hemline, I felt a cropped look would do better.  

This sweater was also ideal due to it being a lighter knit, more fitting for the warm temps.  The cropped sweaters I had were a little heavier, so I made it work. As you can see by the angle of the second pic, a slight twist and two safety pins did the trick. 

With the accessories, I kept it simple with a black cross body and black  strappy heels. 

How do you transition your summer dresses to fall?

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Outfit details: [sweater] GAP [dress] This cool color-meets-reptile-print halter dress is from Target [heels] Gianni Bini strappy heeled sandals from Dillard’s [bag] Kate Spade #fabfound from Marshalls 

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