Color Crushes 

I love a good nail polish. These are a few of the ones I’m currently into.

From left to right: 

#1 Essie Smokin Hot–Bought this color in expectation of Fall. It’s a jewleltoned purole with an edge.

#2 OPI Alpine Snow–White polish looks chicy chic in the summer time on tanned toes (and will make for a great Winter mani).

#3 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Blacky O–The name says it all with this one. Classic black.  And this particular line of polishes are long masters, which is great if you’re like me and repaint as soon as you chip a nail.

#4 Essie Tourquise & Caicos–Trying to get the most out of this one before Summer is officially at its end. It makes me long for the beach.

You can order these colors online or find them at most Targets or Walgreens.

Do you have a favorite nail color for this season? Answer below. 

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