Accessories, the real MVP.

Lets be honest, we can’t (and shouldn’t) buy a whole new wardrobe every season.  The need for basic pieces to create functional, day-to-day outfits is real.  But let’s continue to be honest—we don’t always feel like wearing what we have.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, to feel like you have nothing to wear, or to suffer from a mental style block thinking only the purchase of something new can cure your closet blues. 

Accessories to the rescue.

A new necklace or bracelet can refresh a look* that has lost your love and can also bring your look to a modern place. Accessories provide a great way to participate in trends guilt free and satisfy your need for something new.  An affordable option can ALWAYS be found.

Some of my go-to stores for these cheap** thrills are Charming Charlie and Forever 21. When I’m looking for pieces online, I’m always careful to read the reviews to make sure it didn’t fall apart the first time someone wore it. I also usually go gold since it’s less likely to turn. When I’m looking for something a little more unique, I’ll turn to Anthropologie or shop local boutiques. (Silpada is another favorite accessory retailer of mine–the prices are a bit higher, but so is the quality.)

Here are some of the pieces I’m wearing this season and where to find them:

 Long Faux Stone & Tassel Necklace-Catina Couture in Lake Charles, LA

Mrs. Vee picked this one out because it went perfectly with a dress I had hanging over my arm.  Needless to say, she’s a great saleswoman and I walked out with both.  The beads have this great jewel-toned/ faux-stone thing going on, and the tassel is what really sets it off.  The length (though you can’t see it very well here) is perfect for elongating the silhouette.  

 Black Earrings with Mini Tassels—Catina Couture in Lake Charles, LA

These incorporate tassels in such a subtle and dainty way that doesn’t shout “Trend!” Love. 

Faux Marble Disc Collar Necklace—Forever 21

The length is right at the neck, hence the “collar” description, and I’m loving the faux marble.  The medallion makes for a simple and stylish statement.  This necklace has a ring you can buy that’s a true match, but I went for this one instead…Faux Stone Cocktail Ring—Forever 21

And since I’m really into the collar necklace trend, I also bought this one…

 Faux Stone Pendant Collar Necklace—Forever 21

It’s green, which is one of my favorite colors, and has a sleek design. 


Curb Chain Rhinestone Necklace—Forever 21

This statement piece can dress up an outfit while giving it a little bit of edge with the chain detailing.  It is perfect for a party or just a normal day around town. 

How are you accessorizing this season for a wardrobe refresh?

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* This applies only to those outfit combinations that feel worn out but still look great and work for your body. If you’re feeling down about something that’s no longer flattering or clearly dated, banish it from your closet.

**Cheap describes the price, not the appearance. An ideal piece would have one of the following: tasteful detailing that appears expensive, a design that looks designer, or a minimalist simplicity that doesn’t tell one way or the other.

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