Pretty sure every [insert number]-must-have-wardrobe-basics list includes the Little Black Dress, or LBD for short.  But what about her cool, laid-back sister the Little Denim Dress?

Nothing says easy-going feminine like the LDD.  She can be dressed up with sheer stockings and patent heels or dressed down with a casual sneaker.  Layer her over a turtle neck or striped shirt for a unique look, or have her peek out under an oversized tunic sweater, giving the illusion of a skirt.  The Pinterest-sphere is full of bloggers doing their own spin from which you can yield a little inspiration.  (My favorite is probably this one from the Happily Grey blog, but you can check out my “Denim Duds” Pinterest board to see a variety.)

If you don’t have one in your closet (because all the lists you’ve read passed her by and failed to recognize her worth), it’s okay.  You can actually achieve a similar look with a chambray button down and denim skirt, as demonstrated by Olivia Palermo here and here.

Here’s my kinda quirky take on a chambray baby doll version and a button-down shirt meets button-down skirt…   

The dress (old) and skirt (new) are both from GAP.  I’m also loving these LDD options from Forever 21: one, two & three.

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(Please excuse the picture quality.  Rainpocalypse has made outdoor photos temporarily impossible.)

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