The Sequin Style Challenge

You may remember the sequin style challenge issued on the blog a couple of months back.  I challenged you, readers, to style a pair of sequin capris, and I’m happy to report that the results are finally here!

Five looks are heading your way featuring the creative concepts of Amber, Marybeth, Meraiah, Elizabeth of ManRepeller, and yours truly.  I’ll be revealing a look each day this upcoming week, Monday thru Wednesday.   Here’s what you can expect to see…

statement necklace + party attire

black blouse + black clutch + black shoes

ruffles + pink

And still to come…

lace-up booties  (photo by Grace Forman)

rhinestone loafers + stripes (photo by Grace Forman)

Can’t wait to share the full outfits with you.

Follow Grace on Instagram @casuallygrace to see more of her skills!

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