Things I want to do in 2016.

Initially, I wanted to incorporate some type of pun or word play around the ever so popular hashtag #squadgoals.  But all I could conjure up was #broadgoals which would  infer that my list either 1. covered a vast expanse of topics #snoozefest or 2. was that of a large, less respectable woman.  Either way, it was a no-go.  Hence the simple, adequate (read: generic) title.  #basic #goals #uncreativehashtags

Without further ado or additional unnecessary hashtags, I give you the list of things I aspire to do this year:

#1 Ditch the mouse voice, or at least learn how to better project words and enunciate consonants so that humans can hear.  Reading articles or books on public speaking would probably be a good starting point, which goes with…


Current reading list. (I’ve already tackled MR.)

#2 Read more books.  I’ve started early on this one with two down: Halloween Party by Agatha Christie and Man Repeller by Leandra Meadine, who has made me want to…

#3 Use social media more like a scrapbook or autobiography that depicts experiences and authentic moments, not as a tool for self-promotion or self-validation and not to make others jealous, feel small, or suffer from #FOMO or insecurity.  (See this post.)  In other words…

#4 Be personable while being personal.  Be real.  I came across a line in Leandra’s book that really made me call this juxtaposition into question.  So often, especially in a professional atmosphere, the focus is on being well liked and well received, staying just on the surface of who we are and not delving any deeper.  We don’t want to “over share” or burden anyone with our problems, experiences, etc., but being personable without touching a layer that’s personal limits our relationships and keeps them in a very shallow place.  While there is always a balance/ proportion to maintain depending on the audience, a little more realness would probably do us me and our my relationships some good.  As would efforts to…

#5 Be more patient, gracious, and compassionate.

(This one speaks for itself, so I’ll just move right along…)

#6  Be inspired and write more.  I’ve enjoyed blogging thus far and can’t wait to see where this next year goes.  It’s great to have an outlet that challenges and channels one’s creativity, and I never thought I would enjoy writing so much.  Even if this next year doesn’t lead anywhere and I type words to be read by only a handful of people, that would be perfectly fine, because it’s fun regardless.  But I have come to the realization of needing to…

#7 Own being a blogger.  Did you know that I’m not very good at self-promoting because I feel like I’m self-promoting?  Makes sense, huh? There are (very supportive and extremely awesome) people who I am blessed to call friends that are wayyyyyyy better at promoting my blog than I am.  They’re all like, “Hi, this is Lydia.  She has a blog.”  And then I follow up the introduction with a somewhat timid reply using my characteristic mouse voice, worried that they’ll think I am obsessed with myself and have a huge ego.  But really I just need to flip a mental switch and find a way to view the blog as a brand or a project that I’m passionate about and market the heck out of it.  I really am passionate about having an individual style that speaks to who you are and changes as you continue to go through life, find new influences, and develop more self awareness.  But almost equal to having passion, finding one’s voice, both in writing and in speaking, is very important to the delivery of one’s message, and it is an area where I have room to grow.  Part of that is cutting out words which don’t fit in with what I want to project, which may lead me to…

#8 Download the Just Not Sorry Google Plugin that I recently read about here, or at least be more unapologetic.  Not to say that “sorry” in and of itself is bad–it’s not.  Often (for some individuals more than others) it’s a necessary admittance of wrong doing and expression of remorse that’s vital to a healthy relationship.  But too often we unconsciously choose words that reflect indecisiveness, doubt, meekness, timidity, or a lack of confidence.  (“Sorry… It usually… I think… It’s likely… You might… Maybe… Possibly…”)  My goal is not to develop an unapologetic attitude but rather to have the voice of an individual who is confident, self-assured, assertive, and decisive.  Some situations call for a more affirmative and authoritative tone than others, and when in need, it’s important to be able to deliver.

And to wrap it up…

#9 Be content with what I have, which means shopping less and creating new outfits with what’s already in my closet.  Challenge accepted.  And..

#10 Continue to strive for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle–aka wearing out my running shoes, being kinder to my credit card, actually reaching 10,000 steps on my Fossil Q in a day, and eating more greens.


Meet my Q. It’s like a fitbit except shinier. Also, it makes me feel like a secret agent due to the name.

Who knows what will actually be accomplished in 2016.  I’m sure a few will fall by the wayside and others will be tacked-on along the way.  Maybe (See what I did there?  I’m at least acknowledging my lack of assertiveness. #babysteps) I’ll write a business plan… or just stick with brainstorming and filling up notebooks until the time feels right.  A crafty mood will probably overtake me at some point, and I’ll end up making something like this  (except in lighter-stained-miniature form) as an effort to incorporate the seashells I’ve gathered on past vacations into my decor.

Only time will tell.

What have you resolved to do in 2016?


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