To the Ballgame 

The MLB season of 2016 takes its first swing today.  So here’s a look that’s perfect for an afternoon spent at the ballpark…



Outfit: Dewdrop Graces tee | norts (Nike shorts) | chambray button down | Toms sneakers

As you can see, I opted to accessorize with sunglasses, my Fossil Q Dreamer, and a sno-cone. But feel free to change up your accessory game. I will say that choosing a sno-cone of the red variety is a great way to recover after finding you left your tinted lip balm at home. (I go for sugar free strawberry with cream.)

Other accessory combos:

cap + sunnies + nachos + Fossil Q

cap + beverage + crackerjacks 

sunnies + hotdog + frozen lemonade

If you haven’t already, sound off on what you want to see more of on the blog…

And here’s a throwback to me at a White Sox game during the summer of 2014 with my Instagram husband, the in laws, and the same chambray top…

2 thoughts on “To the Ballgame 

    • lydiafrugé says:

      Thank you! And yes, they have quite the variety. They also have a cute selection of wedges, ballet flats, and boots. My husband loves the Astros, so we’ll go to a couple of their games in Houston during the summer. It’s also fun to visit other teams when we’re traveling. I’m not committed to any specific team and enjoy the social aspect and ball food. 🙂


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