I could bring back the great debate of, “Are leggings pants?” but nobody has time for that and if you do have time, a Google search on the topic will keep you occupied for a while.  Personally, I wear them as pants in casual settings, mostly with longer tops, like this checked one in the WhoWhatWear x Target collection.  A leather bag, gold sandals, and purple scarf made for easy accessories along with the glasses which may appear to be just for show–so hipster–but actually play the more practical role of letting me see what’s beyond two feet in front of my face.  (Meynard Eye Center in Lake Charles has really great frame styles, by the way.  These are Fossil.)  I’d sport this look to have a quick lunch with friends, run a few errands, grab a coffee, get a pedicure, or all the aforementioned activities if it’s a really great Saturday.

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