Layer It Up: Skirting the Cold

It hit freezing temps the day of my friend’s wedding. Me being always cold the person I am, I made sure to wear a minimum of three layers.

Let’s begin.

Layer 1: gingham button down + Kate Spade Saturday skirt + tights // Some gals may have mixed feelings when it comes to tights or “hosiery,” most likely stemming from some traumatic experience in childhood being forced to wear them.  Admittedly, it used to be a full-on hate relationship for me, but now that I’m older, wiser, and more practical, it’s all love.  The skirt (found at Marshall’s for <$20) is on the short side, so tights not only make for warm gams but score points for wedding appro-pros here.  This shirt is from Target but might as well be Gap, Equipment, or whatever as it’s a basic closet staple that comes in many variations and has been done by basically every brand out there.

Moving on.

Smiling all the time is overrated…

…but less awkward. So smiling it is.

Layer 2: cropped blue sweater + black Prada boots // Sweater is an old MNG by Mango at JCP but the important facts are: it’s warm and cropped.  Together, this has me feeling very JCrew.  These boots are my favorite thing to wear on my feet lately.  Scored them on the RealReal in pristine condition for a low, low, low, low price. Can’t stop, won’t stop wearing them.

Layer 3: pearl statement necklace + Gryphon New York coat + beanie // And last but not least, the accoutrements.  No poppin’ collars, but the coat has a killer pattern… so, still cool.  It’s also a RealReal find and easily my favorite piece of outerwear.  The beanie serves to keep my ears warm as well as decrease the poof that is my hair.  Necklace is for sparkle, naturally, and very JCrew.

More layers to come, just not to this outfit.

Stay warm you guyz.


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