BLOG IS BACK, alright.



The blog is back.

I had a lot happen in 2017 (really wonderful, life altering things) that snowballed into me taking a blog hiatus longer than expected.

In case you didn’t already know, I work for a community bank. Spring through early summer, I transitioned into a management position which came with a steep learning curve and new responsibilities. In the middle of said job change, my husband and I found out we were expecting. Any normal person probably would have panicked to have so much happening all at once, but 2016 (literally January to December) had been spent shuffling between doctors (gynecologist, neurologist and endocrinologist… quite the combo) in an attempt to normalize one pesky hormone-producing tumor throwing my entire system for a loop, preventing us from even trying to get pregnant. So yeah, the joy and anticipation of bringing a baby into the world pushed any job-related anxiety far out of my mind. And then in July, I took over as president of the Lake Charles Happy Hour Rotary Club (which is more fun than work, honestly) and pursued a few other opportunities that I won’t go into detail on quite yet.

All that to say… the free time I had became more precious and the natural choice was to focus on my personal health and the health of my relationships, rather than screen time.

But now that the baby (who has a name… Scott Ryan Fruge) is here, I find myself with almost unlimited downtime perfect for twiddling my thumbs on my phone. (Like I’m seriously getting pinky callouses from my one handed phone skills. Lol) Whether it’s him napping in my arms or taking a really long time to finish his bottle, there’s a good chunk of my day where I can’t do much but lounge on the couch watching TV, reading, or flipping through Instagram. And I’ve honestly missed writing and being (can I say?) creative on here.

So I’m bringing More Than Trends back, peeps, in all its somewhat superficial, slightly quirky glory.

Ps. my instagram handle is now @lydiagfruge … felt like I had multiple personalities. Hah

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