Capitol Day

In October of 2016 we took a vacation deep in the heart of Texas, ending at the state’s capitol.

Though I’ve now spent 80% of my life in Louisiana, I made my entrance into this world at a Methodist hospital in Fort Worth, TX.  We moved shortly thereafter, but my early childhood (the years leading up to the ripe age of 5) were spent in west Texas.  Rock Springs to be exact.  My memories are probably a little skewed… and sometimes the things we hold onto years after are for unfortunate reasons–like my recollection of cacti, camouflaged scorpions, and stinging caterpillars.  BUT there are others I recall more fondly.

Like those involving cute animals.  1 – I babysat a baby calf once in our back yard.  2 – We rescued the best dog (Ashley)any girl could ever ask for from the pound (a full blood Keeshond.) She could sense when you were down and needed extra puppy love. 🖤 3 – Then a few months after said puppy adoption, mom and I found a little black kitten on our afternoon stroll. I was in my tricycle that had a front basket which was the perfect size for carrying her home, where she was dubbed Midnight and took up permanent residence.  They were the sweetest.

More great memories include making tie-dye shirts, testing a battery with my tongue (at my dad’s insistence… which was not a good idea), driving an hour to the nearest Wal-Mart every few weeks (and trying to get out of it), attempting to climb a tree, making an ice fort during the freeze, requesting a Snow White birthday cake, learning by inhaling lots of water that the shallow end of Dr. Todd’s pool was still over my head (contrary to my dad’s insistence… trend?), having two bedrooms to myself, jumping on a friend’s indoor trampoline, and hearing I’d have a baby brother.

Do you live in the same city where you were born? Have you moved around a lot? Have a vivid memory from your childhood? Sound off below. 😊

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