H&M Styled

ManRepeller, Bloglovin and H&M are hosting a cool contest over on the MR blog. It's easy to enter--all you really need is a camera, an Instagram account, and an item from H&M to incorporate into your outfit. You should totally check it out! When I read about the contest, I was psyched to participate. Then, … Continue reading H&M Styled


                     I'm definitely a neutrals girl at heart, though I push myself into bold colors and prints from time to time in an attempt to try to new things and break out of my comfort zone.   This is not one of those times. Neutral outfits consisting of an earthy … Continue reading Wooded

Style Tips: How to Look Put Together (without really trying)

Whether you’re a young professional needing to amp up your wardrobe or a busy mom on the go who struggles to get your kids dressed in the morning, much less yourself, putting together a polished look doesn’t have to be budget busting or time consuming.  Here's how: Wear clothes that fit.  Foundations are key. If … Continue reading Style Tips: How to Look Put Together (without really trying)